9 Best pillows to prevent arms numbness and neck pain
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9 Best pillows to prevent arms numbness and neck pain

Everyone knows that a good night’s sleep is the foundation for a great day, but getting a good night of rest can sometimes feel like a distant dream. From noise annoyances to uncomfortable mattresses and buzzing bedtime thoughts, there are a number of common offenders that can get in the way of quality sleep. If they are not addressed, they can have a negative impact on your overall well-being.

You’ve come to the right place if you suffer from neck pain and hand numbness while sleeping. In this post, we’ll look at the 9 Best pillows to prevent arms numbness and neck pain.

What is Neck Pain?

Neck pain is a discomfort in the structure of the neck that is typically caused by strained muscles from poor posture. Symptoms include headaches, muscle tightness or spasms, pain from holding your head in one position for too long, and a general decrease in your ability to move your head.

Chronic health conditions, such as fibromyalgia, can also cause neck pain. In rare cases, if the pain is excruciating, we strongly advise you to contact your doctor and seek medical attention.

What causes neck pain?

Even while you sleep, poor posture can lead to neck pain. In turn, your sleeping position and/or pillow choice may contribute to poor posture while you’re asleep. Any sleeping position can cause neck pain, but sleeping on your stomach can be particularly bad if it alters the alignment and curvature of your neck and spine. In order to lessen your risk of developing chronic pain, it is advised that you sleep on your side or back.

The same reasoning holds true for how your pillow places your neck in relation to the rest of your spine. According to a 2016 study, neck pain can result from raising your pillow’s height without changing how your spine is positioned. A 2020 study found that latex and memory foam pillows are less likely to cause neck pain than conventional pillows, indicating that the material your pillow is made of can also have an impact. This is so that you can support your neck, and some materials, like memory foam, do better than others because they offer extra support.

When to see a doctor about your neck pain

Seeking a professional medical opinion is advisable if:

  • Your neck pain is very severe.
  • Your symptoms don’t go away after a week.
  • You have a fever or severe headaches.

What is Arm Numbness?

You may be familiar with the discomfort of arm numbness if you’ve ever experienced a tingling, pins-and-needles sensation in your limbs, such as when you cross your legs for a long period of time or remain in one place without moving. Sleeping in the same position for prolonged periods of time can put pressure on the nerve endings in your body, resulting in a tingling or numbing sensation.

When your arms doze off at night, it’s usually because you’re putting extra pressure on your limbs by holding your arm under the weight of your partner or pinning it down with your own body. In addition to your hands and legs, other parts of your body may also experience this sensation.

What causes arm numbness?

Arm numbness while sleeping can happen for a number of reasons, including:

  • Applying excess pressure on major nerves ends, like when you sleep with your arms pinned under your own body or your partner’s body for an extended period of time. This is also known as nerve impingement.
  • Existing peripheral neuropathy and nerve issues can also contribute to the presence of arm numbness at night. These conditions may include:
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Tennis or golfer’s elbow
    • Hypothyroidism
    • Diabetes
    • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Excessive alcohol consumption can result in alcoholic neuropathy, which may cause arm numbness.
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency can disrupt the functionality of your nervous system and contribute to arm numbness while active or while sleeping.

When to see a doctor for arm numbness

Most of the time, nighttime arm numbness should only be a bothersome sleep disturbance, but in some instances, arm numbness may indicate a more serious underlying condition. You may want to make an appointment with your doctor if your arm numbness continues while you are awake or has a significant impact on the quality of your sleep.

During your appointment, your doctor will review your medical history, talk with you about your symptoms, and most likely conduct a physical examination. Your doctor will be able to diagnose your condition with the help of this information and point you in the direction of practical treatments, such as a pillow for arm numbness.

How to minimize arm numbness at night

If arm numbness at night prevents you from getting a good night’s rest, it’s probably time to look into your treatment options. The best course of action for your numbness will depend on how severe it is and what caused it. These options are:

  • Medication: Anti-inflammatory, anti-seizure medicine, and antidepressants can be used to address nerve issues and reduce both daytime and nighttime arm numbness. 
  • Surgery: Though it’s typically a last-resort option, surgery can be used to resolve more severe cases of nerve damage that may be the underlying cause of your issues.
  • Physical therapy: Strengthening your wrists with basic stretches can reduce symptoms of carpal tunnel and other conditions that may be causing your arm numbness.
  • Adjusting your sleep position or using a pillow for arm numbness: As you know by now, one of the most common causes of nighttime arm numbness is due to the excess pressure that’s applied to the nerve endings in your arm while you sleep. Adjusting your sleep posture or using a pillow for arm numbness can alleviate the pressure from your arm, and as a result, reduce or potentially eliminate symptoms while you sleep.

In this next section, we’ll discuss how pillows for arm numbness and neck pain, work and how you can find the best pillows for you.

How a Pillow for Neck Pain and Arm Numbness Can Help

A pillow for neck pain and arm numbness works by properly aligning your neck and spine, as well as relieving pressure on your lower arm, allowing your arms to rest without causing a temporary lack of blood flow or putting extra strain on your arm’s nerve endings while you sleep.

9 Best pillows to prevent arms numbness and neck pain
9 Best pillows to prevent arms numbness and neck pain

How to Choose a Pillow for Neck Pain & Arm Numbness

Choosing the right pillow is the first step toward pain-free living. The best pillow for neck pain will be determined by your specific requirements. We’ll walk you through the most important considerations, such as selecting the best material, shape, and thickness for your specific sleeping style.

Most people overlook the significance of their pillow. For immediate comfort, some people may choose a nice and squishy pillow. We may be unsure how to choose a supportive pillow once we realize our pillow is contributing to our neck pain. Customers may be susceptible to deceptive marketing and end up purchasing a pillow that is inappropriate for their needs.

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of the most important factors to consider, as well as an explanation of how pillows work, to assist you in finding the best neck pillow for you!

Loft: The angle of your head in relation to your spine is determined by the loft. Too high or too low a pillow forces your neck to bend at an unusual angle, causing strain and discomfort over time. As a result, sleep experts advise selecting a pillow loft that allows your head and neck to be aligned with your spine. Always consider the width of your shoulders and the size of your head when selecting a neck pillow. If you’re not sure what loft you want, choose a pillow with an adjustable loft.

Firmness Level: The firmness of the pillow will determine where your head will rest. That is why it is critical to give this aspect careful thought. The firmness of your pillow will be determined by how heavy and high it is, the firmness of your mattress, and the position you prefer to sleep in. Too-firm pillows can cause pressure points, such as in the ears when sleeping on your side. Pillows that are too soft, on the other hand, may sink under your head and fail to provide adequate support.

Support: A pillow should provide an adequate neck support. This is most common in cervical pillows, which conform to the neck rather than leaving an unsupported space.

Pressure Relief: A good pillow relieves pressure by relieving strain and contouring to reduce pressure points. Choose a pillow that is the right shape and size for your sleeping position, as well as the right firmness to relieve pressure at contact points, to get the best pressure relief.

Shape: Manufacturers now offer a wide range of ergonomic pillows that provide enhanced support by conforming to the shape of your head and neck. Some people prefer to add another pillow to their setup, with a small roll under the neck, in addition to the main pillow. The pillow shape is a matter of personal preference, but if you are still experiencing neck pain, you may need to use a cervical pillow.

Quality MaterialsThe quality of each pillow is crucial in determining its durability and comfort. Some pillows can be washed and dried on a regular basis to fluff them up and extend their life.

Price: Investing in a good neck pillow is essential to your overall health, particularly your neck health. Prices vary greatly depending on the materials used and the style. When shopping for a neck pillow, keep in mind that some will last you for years, while others will wear out quickly and should be replaced after a year or two as their materials deteriorate and lose their loft or conforming abilities.

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9 Best pillows to prevent arms numbness and neck pain

Neck pain can strike whether you are a side sleeper, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, or a combination of all three. These are the best pillows for you.

1. Memory-foam pillow for neck pain

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Ergo Neck Pillow, Large Profile, White

The firm memory foam interior of this Tempur-Pedic neck pillow conforms to the natural curvature of your head, neck, and shoulders. The Temper-Pedic Neck Pillow has two different-sized bolsters that nestle under your neck to provide different levels of support.

The main difference here is that instead of a deeper cutout, this pillow has a slight slope in the middle for your head to rest on. This may be a more comfortable option for side sleepers in particular. You can choose from three pillow profile sizes based on your body type and overall preference: small, medium, and large, with the largest having the highest loft at 4.75 inches and the small having the lowest at three inches.

2. Memory-foam pillow for arm numbness

HOMCA Memory Foam Pillow with U-Shaped Neck, Back, Arm, and Shoulder Pain Relief

Arm contour design The arm contour design conforms to the side sleeping habits, the contour length: is 165mm, and the width: is 100mm, The size meets the arm of most weight people. Can quickly find a comfortable arm position to Relieve pressure on shoulders and arms, Avoid the problem of arm numbness due to the lack of blood circulation.

3. Cervical roll bolster pillow for neck pain

AllSett Health Cervical Neck Roll

This cylindrical bolster pillow by AllSett can be used as a companion to a standard bed pillow to relieve stress on your neck, similar to Tempur-Pedic pillows that have built-in bolsters for neck support. The machine-washable plush cotton cover is soft and cozy, while the firm and responsive memory foam interior are firm. To make a combination pillow setup, place a bolster pillow between the base of your head and your shoulders and an adjustable pillow underneath your head. Additionally, you can use the bolster pillow between your knees for extra cervical spine support.

4. Adjustable loft pillow for neck pain

Layla Kapok Pillow

Kapok fiber, derived from the pods of the kapok tree, is a fluffier, lighter alternative to wool or cotton. For a plush, yet supportive feel, the Layla Kapok pillow combines kapok with shredded memory foam. The adjustable nature of this pillow allows you to customize your sleeping experience by increasing or decreasing the loft and firmness by adding or removing fill. If you’re not sure which pillow will work best for you, consider buying one with adjustable lofts.

5. Curved pillow for neck pain

Honeydew Scrumptious Side Pillow

If you sleep on your side or back and need extra neck support and shoulder pressure relief, a curved pillow like this one by Scrumptious can assist you in achieving pain-free alignment. The pillow is filled with copper-infused gel memory foam, which naturally draws heat away from your body so you don’t overheat while sleeping. For more customized support, the pillow can be adjusted by removing or adding the filling.

6. Arched-shaped pillow for arm numbness

LOCYOP arched sleeping pillow

Tunnel design latest design to ease the arm pressure. This pillow allows you to lie down without squashing your arm. A couple of pillow stops the weight of your head from pressing against your arm so it won’t go numb or fall asleep.

Multi-use is great for office, library, home, and travel. The versatile pillow-tunnel design of the multifunctional pillow have you fall asleep quickly if you’re tired on road trips or camping excursions, Tummy sleep facedown sleep, and neck sleep can also be very comfortable. You can also use an arm pillow to watch TV. Sweet couple sleeping pillows for relaxing on a sofa at home, best side pillow couple hug pillow for sleeping on a bed, a lunch break in the office.

7. Pillow for severe neck pain

Therapeutica Orthopedic Sleeping Pillow, Average

If you have severe neck pain, the best first step is to consult with a doctor about your treatment options. However, if you suspect that your sleeping position is to blame, a corrective pillow, such as this highly structured one, may be beneficial. It is intended to align your neck, support your thoracic spine, relieve jaw pain, and provide head comfort. There are four sizes to choose from, average, petite, large, and extra-large, with the horizontal measurement from the base of your neck to the tip of your shoulder determining the best fit.

8. Cooling pillow for neck pain

Purple Harmony Pillow

Waking up in a pool of sweat is both disgusting and inconvenient. The Purple Harmony pillow’s innovative honeycomb-core interior creates a well-ventilated sleeping surface, while the GelFlex and latex work together to support your neck and head while you sleep. The pillow’s springy material is designed to be hyper-adaptive, and it comes in three loft heights: low, medium, and high.

9.  Water pillow for neck pain

Mediflow Water Pillow

Although sleeping on a sack of water may not sound like the most appealing way to sleep, water pillows can provide an excellent neck support. Furthermore, McGinn claims that there is no sloshing and that “because the water pillow has some weight to it, it will stay put to keep the head and neck from moving.” The water, which acts like fluid memory foam, consistently conforms to the shape of your head, reducing any neck stress caused by tossing and turning.

What is the best pillow for neck pain and arm numbness?

The best pillow for neck pain and arm numbness should keep your head and neck in the proper position while also allowing your arms to rest comfortably by relieving the pressure and pain you feel at night.

What is the best sleeping position to reduce neck pain and arm numbness?

We recommend sleeping on your side. Sleeping on your back with your arms at your sides can help you avoid arm numbness, but it can also cause discomfort in other areas, such as if you have nighttime back pain or acid reflux.

Can using the wrong pillow cause arm pain?

It’s possible. You may experience arm numbness if you sleep with pressure directly on your lower arm, such as when your head rests on a pillow on top of your arm. You can sleep more comfortably without shoulder pain or arm numbness by elevating your body and relieving pressure on your arm.

Can using the wrong pillow cause neck pain?

Yes, pillows that elevate your neck and head against your spine’s natural curvature can cause neck pain. A 2020 study also discovered that traditional pillows are more likely to cause neck pain than latex pillows or memory foam pillows.


If you frequently experience numbness in your arms or neck pain, it may be time to invest in a new pillow. The pillows on this list are the best of the best when it comes to preventing arm numbness and neck pain. 9 Best pillows to prevent arms numbness and neck pain, Do you have a favorite pillow that helps you sleep better? Leave a comment and let us know.

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