Pancit Canton or Filipino Stir-Fried Noodles

Pancit Canton, or Filipino Stir-Fried Noodles

Pancit is a traditional Filipino dish consisting of noodles, vegetables, and sometimes meat. It can be eaten at any time of day and is often served as breakfast or merienda. The most common type of pancit is Pancit Canton, which consists of thin rice noodles stir-fried with vegetables and sometimes chicken or pork.

This dish is basically stir-fried noodles with meat, seafood, or vegetables and flavored with soy sauce, fish sauce, and calamansi juice.

Pancit, or noodles, is a popular dish in the Philippines. This is one of the most common dishes that you can find in streetside Turo-turo (food stalls). It is made from rice flour, salt, and water. Traditionally, it’s cooked with vegetables, but chicken or fish can also be used instead. Although pancit canton may look simple and humble, it’s actually more complicated to make compared to other Filipino noodle dishes because there are several steps involved in

Hopefully, this short guide has given you something new to try the next time you are in the mood for a pancit canton. Have you tried this dish before? If so, what did you think? Also, check out this BBQ Chicken & Spaghetti Squash Pizza.

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Conclusion: Pancit canton is a Chinese noodle dish that is eaten all over the world. The following tutorial will teach you how to make this delicious Cantonese meal in your own home,

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