Easy Red Curry Basil Garlic Oil Noodles

Easy Red Curry Basil Garlic Oil Noodles

On the busiest nights, we adore these quick Red Curry Basil Garlic Oil Noodles. Thai red curry and frizzled scallions with homemade basil garlic oil. Everything is tossed with quick-cooking (and excellent) ramen noodles and is done in approximately 20 minutes. This is not only a healthy (vegan) noodle bowl, but it’s also excellent for times when you want saucy noodles but need them to be handmade (and quick).

The noodles I’m using today are quite simple, but the flavor is out of this world. I really wanted to use up all of the fresh Thai basil I had in the fridge by incorporating Thai basil flavors.

One of my favorite combos is Thai red curry paste with Thai basil and a few dashes of tamari (gluten-free soy sauce). “Why not throw that with some noodles?” I reasoned.

These came together in a matter of minutes and are quite delectable. OK, Let’s get started

Thai Red Curry Basil Garlic Oil Noodles

This recipe focuses and the oil. Of course, the noodles are crucial, but it’s the oil that gives all the taste. Begin by warming the sesame oil and green onions (or scallions, or shallots…whatever you want to call them). Warm the green onions until they are aromatic and frizzled.

Essentially, you’re frying the onions in the oil, which results in a pretty delicious flavor. Stir in the Thai red curry paste once the onions have frizzled. Allow the curry paste to heat for about a minute to fully bring out the flavors.

At this stage, I begin to add the garlic, ginger, and chili flakes to a large enough mixing basin to toss the noodles in. Then top with a generous amount of fresh Thai basil. If your supermarket does not have Thai basil, normal Italian basil will suffice.

Pour the oil over the garlic and basil when it’s done. The heat from the oil will sauté the garlic, and you’ll smell the fresh basil right away.

The rest is straightforward. Make the noodles. Brown Rice Ramen is a favorite of mine (which you can find at Whole Foods and in many grocery stores). These ramen noodles taste exactly like the real thing, but they’re considerably healthier, gluten-free, and vegan.

Toss the noodles with the oil and a pinch of tamari, and serve warm! These spicy noodles are the current favorite. You can even add chicken for extra protein. Sautéed mushrooms or greens would be wonderful additions.

These spicy noodles are currently a fan favorite. You can even add chicken for more protein. Sautéed mushrooms or greens would also be excellent additions!

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If you make this Easy Red Curry Basil Garlic Oil Noodles, please leave a comment and/or rate this recipe! Above all, I like hearing from you and always do my best to react to each and every comment. And, of course, if you try this recipe, how did it turn out for you? Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest.

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    I’ve had the experience of an Asian cuisine for the first time from this recipe. Actually had a profound online research and was inspired by this.
    Turns out to be awesome and surely will make again.

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