Top 10 best pomegranate juicers in 2022: Buyer's Guide

Top 10 best pomegranate juicer in 2022: buyer guide

Top 10 best pomegranate juicer in 2022: buyer guide, let’s go! A pomegranate juicer is a machine used to extract juice from pomegranates. There are many different types of pomegranate juicers on the market, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 best pomegranate juicers on the market and provide a buyer’s guide to help you make the best decision possible.

Top 10 best pomegranate juicers in 2022: Buyer’s Guide

A pomegranate juicer is an appliance designed to extract juice from pomegranates, which have a long history in many parts of the world and are still one of the most loved fruits. Pomegranates have been loved for a long time for their juice and for their health benefits. So here’s my Top 10 best pomegranate juicer in 2022: buyer guide in no particular order.

1: Bnunwish Pomegranate Juicer

This low-cost device is a handheld pomegranate juicer that works well. It’s portable and easy to transport. Take it camping, use it in a hotel room while on vacation, or enjoy fresh fruit juice for a picnic. With a hand press juicers juicer like this, the possibilities are limitless. Top 10 best pomegranate juicer in 2022: buyer guide

The Bnunwish requires very little strength to operate. It’s so simple to use that even children can do it! Unlike most other manual juicers, the Bnunwish can juice a variety of fruits. Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and limes can all be juiced. It can also juice apples, grapes, tomatoes, and pears.

The main disadvantage of this type of juicer is that you must first deseed the pomegranates. As a result, I wouldn’t suggest it for huge volumes of pomegranate juice. However, if you simply need a glass or two in the morning, this small juicer is ideal.


  • One of the most inexpensive pomegranate juicers available.
  • Juices a wide variety of fruits, including oranges and apples.
  • It perfectly separates the juice from the seeds.
  • It’s very compact and you can take it everywhere.
  • Very easy to use and cleanup is a breeze.


  • You’ll have to deseed the pomegranates to juice them.
  • Juicing with the Bnunwish can get a bit messy.

2: The Pomegranate Juice Press

The Pomegranate Juice Press is an extra-large commercial grade juicer that is suitable for both commercial and domestic use.

The juice press is constructed of solid cast iron and steel, with an enamel-coated acid-resistant foundation. The juicing components are constructed of polished stainless steel, and it comes with a removable funnel and strainer cone for easy cleaning.

The juice press reaches over 28 inches tall when fully extended, and almost 20 inches tall when the handle is in the down position.

It has a 3-pinion lever-action mechanism and weighs 16 pounds. The rubber stop and rubber handle allow you to use the device comfortably and in the ideal posture to extract the most juice from it.


  • Skidproof rubber feet
  • Very strong juicer
  • Enamel protected surfaces
  • Well balanced base
  • Works perfectly well with citrus and pomegranate fruits


  • Some minor flaws in the design
  • Messy with pomegranates

3: Lavohome Commercial Grade Juicer

The Lavohome Commercial Grade Juicer extracts pomegranate juice swiftly, simply, and cleanly. As it presses up to 14000 pounds per square inch, the long and comfortable rubberized grip generates enough force to extract every last drop of juice from the fruit (PSI).

Three pivot points in a commercial class framework provide for maximum power with minimal pressure. This commercial-grade juicer is built of solid cast iron, and all replaceable parts are dishwasher safe.

This juice press is completely black, with only a few metallic surfaces visible. The sections that crush the fruit are constructed of stainless steel, while the exterior of the juicer is made of cast iron. Only Unique sells Lavohome Pomegranate commercial grade juice.


  • All-metal structure
  • Sleek black appearance
  • Stable and durable body


  • Does not work well with large pomegranates.
  • Balance and stability issues

4: Co-Z Juicer

You should have noticed by now that the greatest pomegranate juicers are heavy-duty juice presses. If you haven’t discovered the right juice press yet, let me introduce you to this one. Another inexpensive pomegranate juicer is the hefty Co-Z juice press. It’s built of sturdy cast iron and available in four different colors.

With the Co-Z, you can start your day with freshly squeezed juice every morning. It works well with oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and all other citrus fruits.

The Co-Z is promoted as a citrus press, but don’t worry, this juice press also works nicely with pomegranates.

Although this juicer is heavy, it is not as well thought out as the other juice presses presented here.

It’s not as stable as you’d expect from a heavy-duty juice press. The little stand does not keep it from tipping over.

To keep it stable, grip the back of the base while juicing. The rubber feet also create black streaks on the counter. If you don’t mind these little flaws, the Co-Z is still a good option.


  • Made of solid cast iron.
  • It’s one of the more affordable juice presses out there.
  • Easy to clean and use.


  • The Co-Z isn’t quite as robust as the other juice presses introduced here.
  • The rubber feet leave marks on the countertop.
  • This juicer has a tendency to tip forward while juicing.
  • Only small glasses fit underneath it.

5: Lexen GP27

The Lexen GP27 manual juicer is ideal for pomegranates, wheatgrass, and leafy greens. It’s less expensive than electric juicers and extracts every last drop from lightweight greens.

It employs the same cold-press technique as good masticating juicers, ensuring that you get the most nutritious juice possible.

You can start the day with fresh juice with the Lexen GP27, no matter where you are. It weighs only three pounds, is incredibly small, and does not require electricity. You can carry it with you everywhere you go, making it the ideal travel juicer.

When it comes to fresh pomegranate juice, the Lexen outperforms some of the top cold-press juicers that cost more. The pomegranate juice is rich and sweet, and the color is stunning!

It not only juices pomegranates and greens, but you can juice almost anything using a hand crank juicer.

The Lexen GP27

can make fresh orange juice, apple juice, or nutritious green juice for you! It can even juice tough vegetables like carrots and beets.

However, for this type of operation, I would always use an electric juicer. The carrots must be thinly sliced in order for it to function.

If you’ve ever had a centrifugal or masticating juicer, you know how difficult it can be to clean an electric juicer. Although I enjoy my juicers and my daily green juice, I despise the cleanup. Cleaning everything by hand takes at least ten minutes.

The Lexen is not at all like that. In fact, it’s the world’s easiest manual masticating juicer to clean! It is made up of only three smaller pieces that are easy to clean. The Lexen also lacks a screen, which is the most difficult aspect of any juicer to clean.

Although it is a manual juicer and involves some work on your side, it does not require a lot of strength to use. It has a long handle that gives enough leverage and makes juicing a breeze. Juicing is simple, especially when you’re juicing soft fruits and little pomegranate seeds. Carrots and beets necessitate additional work. Top 10 best pomegranate juicer in 2022: buyer guide

You probably won’t be able to juice all day with a hand crank juicer without developing sore arms, but you won’t have any trouble extracting a few glasses of fresh juice in the morning.


  • Compared to other cold press juicers, the Lexen GP27 is very affordable.
  • It juices all kind of fruits and vegetables.
  • It’s very efficient for juicing pomegranates and lightweight leafy greens.
  • The long handle provides good leverage.
  • Its compact size and light weight make it great for travel.
  • It’s the easiest to clean the masticating juicer.


  • You have to deseed pomegranates to juice them.
  • Struggles juicing hard produce.
  • A manual hand crank juicer requires some effort.
  • It’s completely made of plastic.

6: Zulay Pomegranate Press

As I previously stated, manual pomegranate presses are without a doubt the greatest pomegranate juicers. You won’t even have to deseed your pomegranates before juicing them if you use a reputable pomegranate juicer like the Zulay Juice Press.

The juice pomegranates more efficiently and quickly than any other electric juicer on the market.

The Zulay Pomegranate Press is a large juice press made of solid cast iron. This type of juicer will last you a lifetime. It is not only the best juicer, but it also juices all citrus fruits.

Whether you want a glass of fresh orange juice in the morning or to squeeze some lemons, this high-duty juicer will get the job done. It is not only efficient but also extremely fast. It extracts every last drop of pomegranate juice. Nothing wasted.

Nothing beats a juice press when it comes to the ease of cleaning! Top 10 best pomegranate juicer in 2022: buyer guide

It’s easy to take apart and clean, If you’ve ever had an electric juicer, you’ll appreciate an easy-to-clean juice press like this.

This pomegranate juicer is a taller version of the renowned Zulay juice press.

Most other juice presses only work with small 8 oz glasses. You’ll need to reload the juice into larger containers on a regular basis.

It’s quite inconvenient. You can even fit 32 oz tumblers underneath this huge version of the Zulay juice press. This juice press is the ideal size for larger pomegranates.


  • made of heavy-duty cast iron.
  • The extra-tall version fits 32 oz tumblers underneath it.
  • You won’t need to deseed the pomegranates before juicing.
  • It juices pomegranates and citrus fruits like a champ.
  • It comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee.


  • This juice press is super heavy and difficult to move around.
  • The juicer tends to topple forwards a bit while juicing.
  • The press handle can fall down sometimes.

7: CILIO Juicer

CILIO is an excellent commercial-quality citrus and pomegranate juicer. It extracts every last drop of juice while retaining the antioxidant benefits of pomegranate juice. The Press juicer is also wonderful for juicing grapefruits, oranges, lemons, and limes quickly and easily, and it is simple to clean. The longer handle allows for more strength to extract the most juice from each seed without smashing the seeds. It is composed of robust cast aluminum and has a strong base and rubber feet for consistent stability. Stainless steel is used for the extractor and funnel. The juicer’s other replaceable pieces are fully dishwashing safe and simple to operate.

To extract the pomegranate juice, set a glass on the bottom and half a pomegranate in it.

Pomegranate juice extraction is simple with a Cilio Juicer because it has an extended handle with an excellent grip. To extract the juice from the seeds, you don’t need to exert a lot of pressure. It requires little effort to clean and has dishwasher-safe removable pieces.


  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain
  • Outstanding fit and finish
  • Food safe stainless steel


  • Non-removable parts not easy-to-clean
  • A bit expensive

8: Best Chef Titan Juicer

Titan is the best commercial quality citrus and pomegranate juicer, and it is made of durable zinc alloy steel that will last for years. For further stability, the juicer comes with an extra-large heavy-duty base with leverage cups.

It also has a stainless steel handle with a rubber shaft for extra leverage while squeezing the juice.

Chef Titan is a small metal juicer with a white-painted base and body. The robust zinc alloy composition makes the juicer sturdy, allowing you to use the press on a daily basis without worry.

The rubberized handle grip makes pressing the seeds more comfortable. This juice press, on the other hand, works well with smaller pomegranates. The juice press is made of stainless steel.

Juicing grapefruit, oranges, lemons, limes, and pomegranates is simple and quick with this commercial-grade Titan juice press.

All you have to do is pull down the handle, and it will squeeze the fruit till the last drop of juice is squeezed into your glass, allowing you to have freshly squeezed pomegranate juice every day. The zinc alloy structure and exceptionally strong base make pressing even the most difficult fruits simple.


  • Comfortable rubber handle
  • Strong and durable zinc alloy construction
  • Coated with powder coating for quick and easy cleaning
  • Removable funnel and other parts dishwasher safe


  • Too Small size for larger fruit
  • Balance and stability issues

9: Can-Can Juicer

The Can-Can Pomegranate Juicer has the most important features, and its bowl diameter is 11.5 cm, allowing it to efficiently squeeze huge grapefruits and pomegranates.

Furthermore, because it is composed of high-quality materials, the machine is extremely sturdy and has a long lifespan. The juice press features a clamping system, so you may use it almost any place.

It can extract every last drop of juice from the apple without using excessive power. Furthermore, even when pressed with force, the device remains stable.

The Can-Can juice press has a reddish colour on the cast iron pieces, indicating that it prioritizes the fruit. You can utilize the juicer for other citrus fruits, but the strainer made for the Pomegranates and it fair better than any other fruit,

It is simple to clean the juice press; simply rinse with water immediately after juicing. If you intend to utilize the juicer for commercial purposes, you should be aware that all parts of the juicer are constructed of either stainless steel or cast iron, and all of these parts are dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze.

Can-can provides you with fresh and flavorful juice in a matter of minutes, and you can drink your favorite juice every morning to keep yourself refreshed throughout the day. Juicing is a short operation that will not hurt your arms even if you juice a large amount of juice for the entire family or customers.


  • Rubber pads keep the machine stay stable while squeezing the juice
  • A short handle lessens the pressure that is required for juicing
  • Only the strainer and the top covering require to be washed often


  • The height between the base and press cannot be attuned
  • The strainer portion at the top is wide, which makes the small pomegranates hard to filter the liquid.

10: Hamilton Beach 932 Citrus Juicer

The Hamilton Beach 932 is a manual commercial citrus juice press that is ideal for everyday juicing. It is intended to provide pure pomegranate juice as well as citrus juices from lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits.

Because of its great performance, this commercial model has become a global standard. This professional manual citrus juice extractor 932 has a handle that can exert up to 2000 pounds of pressure to extract the most juice from the fruit while leaving skin, pulp, pith, peel, and oil in the strainer cone. The device’s funnel and other components can be readily taken apart and cleaned.

The manufacturer does not expressly state that this juicer is excellent for pomegranates, but it can be used to extract juice from this fruit and is one of the best juicers on the market.

The device is intended for commercial use and is equipped with advanced functionality. The device’s body is enamel-coated, making it extremely sturdy and acid-resistant. The short handle adds greater balance and efficiency.


  • The surfaces are enameled and are acid resistant.
  • High quality structure, fit, and finish
  • The short handle allows you to press it easily with minimal effort.
  • Very efficient at squeezing the juice


  • Expensive

Buying Guide for Best Pomegranate Juicer:

The Juicers are made of high-quality stainless steel and are simple to use, making them suitable for both commercial and domestic use.

The thick, powerful, and hefty juicer can offer your favorite fresh juices year after year while still looking brand new if properly maintained.

To use the juice press, simply cut a pomegranate and any citrus fruit in half, set them on the sheet or cone, and press down on the handle.

The liquid drains through the funnel, and you may now enjoy the fresh juice that is devoid of seeds and pulp. Also, if you prefer finer juice, use the mesh filter that comes with the container. Top 10 best pomegranate juicer in 2022: buyer guide.

How do juicers work?

Juicers are not difficult to use; they are basic and straightforward. Juicers are machines that extract juice from vegetables and fruits by crushing or shredding them and then pressing the liquid.

Many people may wonder why they should drink juice when they may eat the complete fruit or veggie. Drinking juice is a better option than eating whole fruits or vegetables since it helps you to receive every last drop of juice from the fruit and is also easier to digest.

However, drinking juice in the morning can be highly beneficial because it keeps you refreshed throughout the day. Drinking pomegranate and citrus juices every morning will provide you with numerous health benefits. Top 10 best pomegranate juicer in 2022: buyer guide

Different types of juicers:

There are three major types of juicers available in the market that includes:

  • Centrifugal Juicers
  • Masticating Juicers
  • Triturating Juicers

Triturating juicer: This type of juicer is also known as a twin-gear juicer since it has two gears that are near to each other.

When the produce enters the machine, the gears revolve to grind and crush it, and it grinds the food into very small particles, extracts every drop of juice from the fruit, and pushes the dry pulp out.

Centrifugal Juicer: A centrifugal juicer has a flat cutting blade on the bottom and a fast-spinning strainer. The cut produced is forced against the juicing strainer using centrifugal force. Through the juicing strainer, this leverage separates the juice from the pulp.

Masticating Juicer: Rather than using blades to slice, masticating juicers utilize gears to grind. Some of these masticating juicers have only one gear and simply grind food against hard surfaces, whilst others, like the meat grinder, grind between two gears.

Because it takes longer than a centrifugal juicer, the masticating juicer is sometimes known as a slow juicer.

Can You Juice Pomegranates?

Yes, you can juice pomegranates. It just takes a few minutes to produce homemade pomegranate juice, which is both healthful and delicious.

It’s packed with antioxidants and nutrients that will help you get through the day. Pomegranate juice is pricey at the store, but you can save money by juicing your own.

What Are the Health Benefits of Pomegranate Juice?

Antioxidants: Pomegranate juice gets its bright red color from a high concentration of polyphenols, which are potent antioxidants. It has three times the antioxidants of red wine and green tea and includes more antioxidants and essential nutrients than other fruit juices!

Antioxidants aid in the battle against free radicals and can protect us from their harmful effects. Pomegranate juice is also anti-inflammatory and may aid in inflammation reduction.

Vitamin C: Do you always drink orange juice to receive your daily dosage of Vitamin C? Why not substitute pomegranate juice instead? One pomegranate contains about half of your daily intake of Vitamin C.

Heart Health: Drinking fresh pomegranate juice may even help you to lower blood pressure. Pomegranate juice may be beneficial to your heart health, according to one study.

What Is the Best Pomegranate Juicer?

A manual juice press is without a doubt the greatest pomegranate juicer. Pomegranates must be deseeded before using electric or hand-crank juicers. If you’ve ever deseeded a pomegranate, you understand how time-consuming and messy the process can be.

Juicing pomegranates is so much easier with a juice press like the Zulay press or the Hamilton Beach 932! Simply cut them in half, place them in the juicer, and press the handle down.

There is no deseeding at all! Pomegranate juice may be made in big quantities quickly. They extract all of the juice and nothing is wasted.

Manual juice presses are less expensive and simpler to use than most other juicers. They are also less difficult to clean than any other electric juicer on the market.

The sole disadvantage of juice presses is that you can only juice citrus fruits and pomegranates. Juice presses work well with oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, and, of course, pomegranates, but they cannot juice anything else.

What to consider before buying the Best Pomegranate Juicer press?

Type of Produce: Your juicer should be purchased based on the fruits and vegetables that you intend to juice. Centrifugal juicers are the finest alternative for juicy vegetables and fruits like cucumbers, carrots, and oranges.

If you want to juice wheatgrass, fibrous roots, and leafy greens like kale, spinach, or collard greens, a masticating juicer is your best bet. This slow juicer provides the highest nutritional value and production. These juicers are also ideal for producing baby food, sauces, sorbets, and other desserts.

Nutrient Value: Slow juicers are the greatest option if you want a nutritious juice every morning. Slow juice press devices keep the produce from oxidizing and heating, preserving the nutritional content of your greens, veggies, and fruits.

Juicing Speed: If you just have a few minutes to juice, it is critical to invest in rapid and sharp-spinning blade devices, such as centrifugal juicers, which are the best choice for people who want speedy juice. However, you should be aware that if you want a speedy juicing device, you must sacrifice nutrition content or quality.

Best Value for Money:

Those that put organic fruit into juicers undoubtedly want to maximize yield and value for money. That is why these people use Masticating Juicers to feed their organic produce because they squeeze every drop out of the vegetables and save a lot of money in the long run.

Cost: it is determined by the gadget type, the ban, and the device’s added functions. Centrifugal juicers are generally inexpensive, and single and double auger masticating types are readily accessible on the market.

Warranty Period: Some top manufacturers offer a lengthier warranty period for their products, which can last up to 15 years. If the makers provide you with a longer warranty period, you can skip purchasing an additional guarantee when you buy the juicer.

Company Reputation: It is usually preferable to purchase your juicer from a reputable company. There are many new juicer firms blossoming all the time, but picking the appropriate product will last longer and allow you to create juices on a daily basis for a longer period of time. Choose top brands such as Hamilton Beach, Zulay, Lavohome, Hurom, GreenStra, and the names mentioned above.

Extra Features: Some of the top pomegranate juicers include advanced features such as garlic crushing, spice grinding, frozen sorbets, pasta making, and more.

Can You Put Whole Pomegranates In a Juicer?

No, whole pomegranates cannot be juiced in a juicer. If you’re using a juice press, you’ll need to chop them in half. If you use an electric juicer or a hand crank juicer, you must first deseed the pomegranates before juicing them.

How to Use a Juicer for Pomegranates:

Here are seven simple steps to learning how to use a juicer so you can start juicing like a pro.

  • Get the produce ready
  • Clean them properly and pat them dry before putting them in the juicer
  • Take out your juicer, plug it in, and turn the switch on. It is advisable to read all the instructions carefully before using the machine.
  • Feed the produce into the machine, and the juice will be collected into the container
  • After juicing is finished, turn the machine off
  • Remove the pulp from the strainer
  • Clean the used units, and clean the screen and small parts carefully

Pomegranates are difficult to juice and strain. The strong surrounding walls and exterior conceal the small edible seeds, making extraction difficult for many juicers. Manual juicers are popular pomegranate juicers.

Most manufacturers design their juicers to extract every last drop of juice from the seeds, which is why manual juices are suitable for pomegranates. Automatic juicers are usually citrus juicers, but some can also squeeze pomegranate juice. Top 10 best pomegranate juicer in 2022: buyer guide


So, which is the best pomegranate juicer for your home kitchen? Ultimately, it depends on your needs and preferences. However, my top pick would have to be the Hamilton Beach 932 Citrus Juicer. It’s powerful and versatile enough to handle all types of produce. So that’s my Top 10 best pomegranate juicers in 2022: buyer guide. If you are vegan or a veggie-lover, check out the vegan kind supermarket.

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